Who Killed Rosie Larsen?

I Think aunt Terry did it, with Jamie and Ames help

Since the last episodes, I have been questioning myself about Terry’s integrity. She seems like an unbalanced and very low self esteem person to me. She feels the need for attention. These small misgivings led me to review all later episodes in order to concentrate my attention more on Terry. Even her parents see her as a person who does not have a good life, doesn’t make good choices, doesn’t have a good job, no family, no love. The latest happenings around her lead me to think that she is envious, wicked and psychologically affected. First, she and Stan kissed each other, then the sexy underwear in the laundry basket, then she "unintentionally" told Mitch about the house that Stan had bought for his family. 

(The Killing 205 "Ghosts of the Past")

(The Killing 212 "Donnie or Marie")

She did not hesitate one second to tell Mitch something that was important to Stan and that Stan was keeping as a surprise, and Terry knew that moment would have been something very important and refreshing for the Larsen’s. Only a petty and mean person with a special envy for her sister would do something like that.

(The Killing 212 "Donnie or Marie")

Terry certainly was envious of her niece as well, why not? Rosie was beautiful, intelligent, talented, charismatic and was even capable of attracting older and more experienced men.

If we go back a few days, when Stan and Terry were in the park with the kids dressed for Halloween and the dog, also with a Halloween costume, Stan said he had bought the house and what seemed implied in his talk was that Rosie’s death was the reason why they ended up not going to the new house. 

(The Killing 211 "Bulldog")

And then, when Terry spoke, she didn’t tell the reason why she and Ames are not living together but it also seemed to me like she was implying that the reason was the same: Rosie’s death. Then Stan said, "that house would have been a surprise..." – And (again) it seemed implied that things did not happen that way because Rosie died. Soon after, Terry spoke of her example: "me and Michael, we were also looking for a house together..." – And (one more time) seemed to be implied that the reason the two are not living together was Rosie’s death.

Then comes the part when Terry sees Rosie’s photo, with Rosie in the car trunk. The way she looked at that photo. If she had nothing to do with the murder, she would have wanted to check all the photos with curiosity, the same way Mitch and Stan did at the police station when they saw the photos attached in the frame. Her face... it was as if she had seen it before... as if she was thinking about the consequences Rosie’s death could carry for her in the future.

(The Killing 211 "Bulldog")

Another situation is the credit card. Why did Rosie steal the documents or asked her aunt Terry to open an account in her name when Rosie was already 17 years old? And why was Rosie dressed the way she was at the casino with a $2,000 pair of shoes "offered" by her aunt… and the late night deposits… so much money? I don’t believe she was earning so much money working as a maid in the hotel or in the bar, I don’t believe in that at all. Furthermore, all Wapi Eagle Casino employees were Indigenous and Rosie was not, so I don’t think she was working there as a maid.

Terry was an escort girl at the website Beau Soleil, Rosie accessed the site from her computer once, and she was online for a while. Curiosity? Hmm I don’t know… 

(The Killing 112 "Beau Soleil")

Maybe she was investigating something about her aunt or about the mob (because Janek owned the site and he is a mobster). Rosie already knew that Stan was not his biological father. I believe she, probably, also knew that Stan belonged to the Russian mob in the past. She may have also discovered that her aunt Terry was a call girl in that website, of which the owner (Janek the Russian mob boss) had been Stan’s boss in the past. I believe they are all connected by more than meets the eye. Rosie was intelligent and she may have discovered some dangerous things, which made her go to the Casino that night (attracted by someone but she also thought she could find something else) and ended up getting killed. I don’t believe in Linden’s theory that says Rosie went to the Casino to see the city view from there one last time. I believe she went there for some other reason. Maybe attracted there to get something or deliver something…

Rosie wanted to see the world, wanted to know everything, tape everything with her camera. It’s possible that she had recorded the moment when the Indigenous bones were planted in the Mayor’s construction site to incriminate him, and Rosie may have been seen there or photographed, just like it once happened to Linden in the same location. I believe Rosie may have been attracted to the Casino just so Jamie and Ames could get the tape Rosie may have recorded.

Alexi may have helped her discover things about the Beau Soleil website too, since he was an employee of Janek.


Rosie was working as an escort at the Beau Soleil. As we know, the girls from Beau Soleil were often working in the Wapi Eagle Casino too, Rosie was also oftenly working there but she was infiltrated to try to discover something more about her real father. I think Mitch was once a call girl in the Beau Soleil website too and I believe Rosie knew that because her real father told her.

I say Mitch may have been a call girl because – at the hotel where she stayed when she left home she did not mind sleeping with a stranger, that made her look like a prostitute to me. Who else would sleep with a man with whom she just had a glance at in a motel bar?

Rosie was infiltrated at the Wapi Eagle as a call girl and ended up sleeping with Richmond because she was physically similar to Richmond’s dead wife and Richmond liked her because of that.
Jamie knew about that and told Ames.
Ames, Chief Jackson and Jamie buried the bones together in order to implicate Adams and achieve an alliance with Darren.
Ames was threatened by Rosie because she knew and filmed the moment the bones were buried.
Rosie asked Ames for money because she wanted to flee to California.
Rosie never slept with Jasper because she was investigating his father and knew he was possibly a murderer.
Ames began to follow her and Rosie ended up noticing.

Chief Jackson attracted Rosie to the casino that night (maybe telling her she had work for Rosie) and I believe Rosie was going to the Casino every Friday night and that was the reason she was calling Alexi on Friday nights. But on that specific night she called him to ask for help because she had seen “that” man again.

(The Killing 212 "Donnie or Marie")

Alexi had no idea what she was doing in the casino every Friday night, and that’s why he told Linden: "I've never met a girl with so many secrets."
She went to the casino at Chief Jackson’s request and she was not supposed to see Ames in the 10th floor when she was on the balcony, she called Alexi and told him that she had just seen “that” man.

(The Killing 212 "Donnie or Marie")

Another reason why I believe Ames was putting himself on Rosie’s path was the fact that he made her son Jasper tell the police that he was the one sending the  threatening text message from Rosie’s phone. I think Ames made Jasper do that so Ames would not stand suspicious of doing something to Rosie.

Rosie arrived early and, since she was at the Casino, she went to the 10th floor’s balcony bid farewell to the city.
Rosie wasn’t counting on finding Ames there and called Alexi for help.
Rosie is seen in the Casino and they (Chief Jackson, Jamie and Ames, and also Janek) make her give them the tape but she gets out of there alive.

(The Killing 212 "Donnie or Marie")

Terry followed Ames to the Casino because she was jealous and suspicious about the reason Ames cancelled the trip to Las Vegas at the last minute.
When Rosie escapes the casino, she sees her aunt and asks for help to get out of there.
On the way Rosie tells Terry what she discovered about Ames, hearing that, Terry starts getting worried about losing Ames because of what her niece discovered.
Terry stops at the gas station and calls Ames and makes something up to make Rosie think that the car had broke down, but what Terry really wanted was to wait for Ames to arrive there.
Ames goes to gas station to meet Terry (and Rosie).
When Rosie sees Ames’ car arriving, she runs away to the Discovery Park.
When Ames was heading to the gas station, Jamie went after him taking Richmond’s campaign car.
Terry, Ames and Jamie were after Rosie in the Discovery Park for hours and ended up finding her. They tied her and put her in Richmond’s campaign car trunk and pushed the car to the lake.

The reasons they choose the campaign car was because it was the only car there that was not directly connected to any of them and they also did that because they wanted to incriminate Adams, and the campaign car would make it look like Adams did it trying to incriminate Richmond.
After that Ames ends the relationship with Terry so that later the police wouldn’t be able to associate him with the Larsen family in any way.

(The Killing 206"Openings")

(The Killing 106 "What you have left")

And that's it… I believe in this theory. We'll see next Sunday (6/17/2012) I can not wait.

clues in the Rosie's super 8 movie:

political people


Rosie is involved

kulamish island

wapi eagle casino

parts of dead people

Rosie disappears

Rosie escapes to survive

Rosie is free

the killers are arrested

This guy in the video is Jamie, no doubt!


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Author Steven disse...

You were right!

Author Steven disse...

You were right!

RemyC disse...

You called it. So what happens to Ames? He walks? That wasn't very well explained at the end of the show, they don't dwell on his character.

Joana Silva disse...

My intuition didn't always tell me that the killer was Terry. However, after seeing the expression in her eyes when she saw the photos of her niece dead ... I had no doubts! And the reason could only be "MICHAEL AMES" .... unfortunately .... I was not wrong :(

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